Solar Panel Manufacturers Raw Material Characteristics

1, battery: high efficiency (more than 16.5%) Mono packages, ensure sufficient solar power.
2, glass: using low-iron tempered satin glass (also known as white), the thickness of 3.2mm, in the wavelength range of spectral response for solar cells (320-1100nm) light transmission rate of 91% per cent, greater than 1200 nm infrared light with a high reflectivity. This glass and resistant to ultraviolet rays of the sun radiation, light transmittance should not decline.
3, TPT solar panels: solar cell back cover-fluoroplastic film White, reflex to the Sun, so the slight increase in efficiency of the component, and because of its high rate of infrared emission, can reduce the operating temperatures of the component, but also conducive to improving the efficiency of components. This is of course a fluoroplastic film first solar cell encapsulation material requirements with the anti-aging, corrosion-resistant, breathable and other basic requirements.