Solar Cell Industry Trend Analysis

1. PV manufacturing automation, intelligence, and flexible development
With the continuous improvement of products and manufacturing processes, PV manufacturing closer to the precision manufacturing of semiconductors and products a higher degree of integration. The future, high performance and reliability is not the only indicator to measure photovoltaic products, intelligent, lightweight, and architecture requirements to diversify products, suitable for a variety of applications and installation conditions, energy Internet. PV manufacturing automation, intelligent, flexible, and future global virtual factory is at present the main trends of industrial upgrading.
2. the application of the market development, cost reduction remains the industry topics
Solar PV Application market presents wide-ranging and diverse trends, adapt to the needs of photovoltaic products will be constantly available, apart from outside the large on-grid PV power station, combined with the construction of photovoltaic power generation systems, small-scale photovoltaic systems, such as off-grid PV system will also quickly emerged. Solar panels and photovoltaic system costs continue to fall and close to conventional power generation costs, will continue to be subject of the photovoltaic industry development, expect from the silicon components, and components are facing fast-depreciating market pressure, the solar panels will continue to develop in the direction of high efficiency and low cost.