Photovoltaic Systems Can Really Use: 25 Years

In 2015, the PV Professional Committee of China renewable energy society launched the "old and looking for the most beautiful PV components." After several months of arduous journey and explore all over the day and night, activity group collected in Yunnan, Tibet, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Hainan, Guangdong, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Inner Mongolia, Beijing and other places the actual power generation operation for more than 10 years old and photovoltaic components 45. Through the utility field and laboratory tests found the old components, electrical performance, safety and mechanical stresses three aspects of performance assessment of components and get massive performance, long life and decay data.
Of which:
Shiping County cattle farm PV project in Yunnan province:
Installed in 1995, after 20 years, the total attenuation is 7.69%, average annual decay 0.38%.
Gansu Provincial Academy of natural sciences research base 10kW solar PV power station:
Installed in 1983, and has been run 33, total power of 7kW, estimates the annual decay 0.9%.
Two cases above, one of our country's most humid in Yunnan, one in the Northwest of sand, the natural environment is bad. However, after 20 years, 33, photovoltaic power generation system is still up and running.