On The Introduction Of Photovoltaic Power Generation

Photovoltaic power generation is based on the principle of photovoltaic effect, using solar cells convert sunlight directly into electricity. Either independently or by grid-connected photovoltaic system consists of a solar panel (components), controllers and inverters has three major components, primarily by electronic components, not involving mechanical components, therefore, photovoltaic power generation equipment is extremely refined, reliable long life, easy installation and maintenance. In theory, the PV technology can be used for any occasion that requires power, from the spacecraft down to the household power supply, large megawatt power station, small toys, and photovoltaic power can be everywhere.
Solar power categories:
Solar-thermal power and photovoltaic power generation. Both production and sales volume, speed and development prospects than photovoltaic and solar thermal power generation. PV may be spread wider and less exposure to solar thermal power generation, usually folk said, often refers to the solar photovoltaic solar power generation, known as optical.