Home Photovoltaic System Benefits

To install personally, installation of a home solar power system you can use solar energy to power your home, save their electricity costs, members can also receive State subsidies 0.42 Yuan/degree (there are local subsidies in some areas), unused electricity can be bought to the national grid, yields more than 10%. In addition, laying on the roof solar panels can also shade during the summer, effectively reducing indoor temperatures, save on air-conditioning.
In addition, PV can old age. PV the concept of retirement has been strongly recognized by the people's daily: daily pushing PV fire pension. Due to historical reasons, many elderly people in rural areas have no pension insurance, therefore, household the income stability of photovoltaic power generation system products will be best suited to old people's pension to rely on. Investment and construction of the children, the elderly receive money every month, earnings for more than 20 years.