Grid-connected PV Applications And Prospects

Over the past century, with the rapid development of the global economy, total world energy consumption levels continue to rise, energy security and the environment for human survival faced with severe challenges. On one hand, fossil fuels are consumed, the energy crisis is around the corner, on the energy consumption also makes substantial accumulation of carbon dioxide and global warming growing, the irreversible environmental crisis is having a serious impact on the development of modern society. Choose clean energy resource-rich, is no doubt solve the crisis, the best way to achieve energy and environmental sustainability. Compared to new energy sources like wind power, nuclear power, solar PV power is infinitely rich in resources, power generation clean low-carbon natural advantages such as quick, easy layout, construction, and undoubtedly more broad application prospects and market, so PV has been all over the world as a focus for new energy development. Just starting to build "strong smart grid" to include PV industry focus on planning, represented by this series of incentive policies, not only depicts the blueprint for the development of PV industry in China, as well as photovoltaic leader Emerson Network Power offers a big stage play to their advantages, grid-connected PV applications have brought great vitality to the industry. Development potential of deserts, large-scale grid-connected PV into trends in the photovoltaic industry in the process of the development of large grid-connected PV is an inevitable trend. After entering the 21st century, countries around the world have been building to hundreds of MW-class centralized grid-connected photovoltaic power plant. From the structural point of view, current large scale grid-connected PV system consists of photovoltaic array, DC-DC converter, inverter and integrated protective device. Where the inverter is a core device, it can not only boot PV arrays are always working close to the maximum power point, to secure a maximum energy, gets power can also be converted into the public grid. In addition, large-scale grid-connected PV system including batteries and transformers.