The development of photovoltaic power generation system

"Twelve-Five" new solar PV installed capacity in China in the period of about 10 million-kilowatt, solar thermal electricity generation capacity of 1 million-kilowatt, distributed PV systems about 10 million-kilowatt, photovoltaic power plant investment by calculating averaging 10,000 yuan per kilowatt, distributed by 15,000 yuan per kilowatt of photovoltaic system calculations, total investment of about 250 billion yuan.
Although solar product manufacturing power, but on the solar products only for export. In 2010, the global solar photovoltaic cell production 16 million-kilowatt, China's annual output of 10 million-kilowatt. By 2010, the total global PV installed capacity exceeds 40 million-kilowatt, the main market in Germany, and Spain, and Japan, and Italy, Germany 2010, new installed capacity of 7 million-kilowatt.

However, solar energy in China is very rich in resources, suitable for solar power land area and building area is large, and the Qinghai-Tibet plateau and the loess plateau, plateau of North Hebei province, Inner Mongolia plateau and other solar energy resource-rich area covers a land area of two-thirds, with large-scale development and utilization of solar energy resource potential.