Green home improvement starts from electricity photovoltaic power generation system into

With the continuous development and progress of society, new material, new technology has brought to the people more choices. Low-carbon, green, green is the pursuit of modern life. In homes, many residents took more and more about stress, not only in terms of decoration materials must be green and healthy, and has taken up the idea of installing photovoltaic power generation system.
Photovoltaic power generation system for high reliability, long life, beautiful green and independent power generation and grid-connected operation. After laying roof photovoltaic system can effectively absorb light, heat insulation and heat control or on the basis of the original insulation adds a layer of insulation, can reduce indoor temperatures, reducing energy consumption of air conditioning. Currently, 50,000 invest ~10 million to install a small photovoltaic plant, combined with the strong guidance of the Government subsidies, longing for the installation of photovoltaic power systems unit of family and is on the rise.