Family daily how maintenance of photovoltaic power generation system

Solar module maintenance
1. solar lighting surfaces should be kept clean, and if there is dust or other contaminants, first rinse with water, then water and gently wipe with a clean gauze (prohibited cleans with hard objects or corrosive solvent cleaning). Solar Panel cleaning, before the sun rises in the morning, otherwise it will affect the cell array voltage and current.
2. solar junction box should be checked on a regular basis in order to avoid weathering should check every quarter solar module encapsulation and lint, if there are any unopened, plastic, water, battery color and loose connection, corrosion off line, and so on, should be processed in a timely manner.
Inverter maintenance
1. periodically check the inverter connection is solid, the insulating properties of the line is normal, there is no damage, in particular to check for normal operation of inverter fan.
2. inverter alarm down, can't boot, carefully check the failure causes and no damage, the power module has penetrated cracks, identify the cause and then power the system on. Bootable again when unsure, should provide the Service Center, maintenance station or local management reports.